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Our Approach

True North's coaching and development process is a blend of art and science; derived from psychology, neuroscience, proven business practices, as well as our own unique expertise and experiences. We guide individuals and teams to increase self knowledge and capability, propelling them on a path to personal and professional success.

Our work begins with a rigorous discovery process that results in a roadmap designed for the needs of the client. The development process that follows is carefully crafted to facilitate powerful insights and the momentum to achieve desired goals.


Executive and Physician Coaching

Coaching creates a personal learning container to support the individual in examining possibilities and effectively meet daily challenges. Our coaching enables interpersonal and business skill development – including decision making, influencing, driving efficiency, managing complexity and change, conflict resolution, and effective communication – to create strong contributors,  collaborative environments, and better customer and patient experiences.

Career Transition

Through goal setting and deliberate action we support people in achieving their aspirations during personal and professional transitions. With our extensive experience in human resources we know what type of talent organizations want and we help our clients put their best selves forward in their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and interviews. We excel at helping people recognize and communicate transferable skills.


Leadership Workshop Design and Facilitation

We assess your current process for developing leaders, identify areas of greatest need and help implement specific, measurable improvements so you can create a robust leadership pipeline. Our programs are tailored to your needs and follow the four E's - Experience, Education, Environment, Exposure. We also offer facilitation for retreats, strategic planning and process improvement projects. 

Diagnostic Assessments

Personality and style assessments are powerful tools for shedding light on both constructive and non productive patterns, helping individuals and teams raise awareness and accelerate growth. We administer the Enneagram, Change Style Indicator, Insight Inventory, Values In Action, MBTI and Strengths Finder, and provide individual and team debriefs.

Team Alignment

We facilitate team development by leveraging team dynamics, surfacing conflict, creating trust and instilling discipline and accountability. We tap into the individual and collective intelligences, and strengths of the team to identify and optimize results. Our appreciative inquiry based facilitation helps teams quickly reveal their purpose, align goals and make measurable progress.

Change Management

Change is examined from a behavior based lens; identifying how mental models help or hinder the acceptance and integration of new attitudes and approaches. Using neuroscience and evidence based change tools, we help develop strategies that facilitate action and decrease resistance to personal and organizational change.