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True North Coaching & Consulting

Executive and Physician Coach 

Leadership Consultant



Practical Tools, Inspiration and Guidance

Are you:

Seeking tools to lead with influence and impact?


Wanting to hone your interpersonal skills?


Striving to reconnect with your purpose and redefine your career?


Searching for ways to increase your resilience? 

In need of an insightful and knowledgeable thought partner to bounce off ideas?

Vanita Bellen is an experienced business leader, healthcare professional and executive coach. Vanita's true north is to help professionals deepen awareness and increase presence so they can become more intentional and conscious leaders in their careers, personal lives and their community.  

Through private, one on one coaching or team development sessions Vanita provides resources and accountability tools so you can meet challenges head on, and achieve your goals in an authentic way that aligns with your own true north. 

Her  thoughts on leadership, organization effectiveness and coaching have been featured in Forbes, OD Network and Training Industry. She teaches at the University of Denver and has presented at conferences nationally and internationally.

A few things clients say about working with Vanita:

"Vanita offered a wealth of professional guidance, concrete and pragmatic suggestions, and personalized coaching."

"Vanita Bellen is the perfect coach for physician leaders.  Vanita presented concepts in facilitating change as well as working effectively with hospital administrators." 

"Her largest impact has been her unmatched executive coaching program which is among the best I have experienced. Her gifts are ubiquitous but chiefly it is her attention to process, her emotional intelligence and her vast experience that leads to measured outcomes

Executive and physician coaching available in Denver and nationally by Skype or Zoom