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Physician Coaching Services in Denver, CO

In this transformative time in health care, physicians are closely examining ways in which they can lead and contribute. No matter where you are in your journey we are ideally positioned to guide and support you. A few ways in which we've worked with physicians and organizations are:


  • Coaching and empowering doctors with non-medical leadership skills to influence with competence and confidence.
  • Building bridges with hospital and health system administration; collaborating for mutual benefit.
  • Sharpening business skills and acquiring management techniques to increase efficiency and effectiveness of office and departmental operations, and improved patient experience.
  • Readiness for non-clinical careers; evaluating job choices, resume and LinkedIn profile creation and honing interviewing skills.
  • Designing and implementing medical staff development programs for physicians new to practice and for emerging physician leaders in the succession pipeline.
  • Consulting with Chief Medical Officers on visioning, strategic planning, team development and change management for clinical initiatives.
  • Onboarding and coaching medical staff president, president elect and department chairs to new leadership roles.
  • Targeted coaching on specific issues that arise such as time and productivity management, meeting facilitation, negotiation, giving difficult feedback and presentation skills.
  • Team building retreats that focus on each person’s talents and values, and the team’s collective strengths to achieve results.
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence skills and deploying self-regulation strategies to achieve greater work-life integration and wellbeing.

It is a privilege to accompany people on their chosen paths to success and fulfillment. In working with each and every client I too, learn and grow. As Sheryl Sandberg says, "the path to change is best traveled when we travel together."

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Choose Your Unique Path


While every coaching engagement is individualized we have found that there is an overarching formula for success; one that activates the left, right and mid brains.  Essential to a transformative experience is an initial rigorous discovery process. Introspective exercises and psychometric/diagnostic assessments support this stage, and may be supplemented by observations and stakeholder interviews. Analysis and dialogue inform the design of a customized Strategic Development Plan, followed by the development process itself, which has mutually defined milestones.

Precision Coaching For You


Typically four to six sessions held over three months can help individuals change a specific behavior, form a new habit or learn a more effective technique to work and interact with others. This type of coaching can be advantageous when taking on new job responsibilities, giving feedback, having or mediating a critical conversation, or learning a business tool. A short term engagement also provides an opportunity to assess how coaching could be beneficial going forward. 

Peak Performance Coaching


Ideal for professionals looking to develop new skills, improve performance, overcome de-railers, and prepare for advancement. Over six to nine months the coach and client meet approximately every two weeks, aligning their work with organization and professional goals, resulting in a clearly articulated leadership style and improved business outcomes.

True North Transitions


In six to eight sessions clients have a chance to identify what they want and need from their career, make decisions and develop a plan to take the actions to accomplish their career objectives in balance with other parts of their lives. Crafting resumes that highlight physicians’ strengths and transferable skills, a strong LinkedIn profile, and practice interviews are key elements of this package. 

Leadership Development


Our customized programs for both new and seasoned physicians are focused on empowering doctors to create more collaborative healthcare organizations and better patient experiences. Ask us about our partnerships with hospitals and physician organizations.